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Bishop Edward C. Roberts & Pastor Emerita Betty J. Roberts

The late honorable Bishop Edward Claiborne Roberts, D.D. was the first Pastor and Founder of Calvary Christian Church of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. in Charlotte, North Carolina. He founded the church in 1981 with the help of his wife, Mother Betty Jean Roberts, after several years of active involvement at Bethlehem Temple in Flint, MI where he had served faithfully as a minister and youth leader. While supporting his family in Flint, the young Elder Roberts was highly sought after as a teacher and evangelist. At the height of his professional career, he was compelled by God to plant a new work under the auspices of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World, Inc. Calvary Christian Church is the fruit of his labor, and God has given the increase.


As a dedicated Pastor, Bishop over churches in the Carolinas, skilled administrator for the P.A.W., A.W.C.F. and Aenon Bible Institute, and father of four children, Edward Roberts left a lasting imprint, marked by his passion for Christian Kingdom building. The body of his work reflected an engaging and scholarly approach to Biblical teaching and preaching. He stood out for his gentle disposition, sharp mind, and remarkable ability to connect with others by modeling humility and love foregrounding the love of God in his life. Serving first and foremost his congregation, Bishop Roberts, who was affectionately called “Pastor”, rarely missed a Sunday or Wednesday service. His unwavering commitment enriched the lives of countless individuals who recount his sermons,

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lectures, and words of wisdom still today. Under Bishop Roberts’ leadership, Calvary Christian Church grew to become a cornerstone in and around the Charlotte community. The tenure of Calvary Christian Church featured a rigorous Biblical institute for adults, along with numerous education initiatives serving youth.


In October 2010, the Lord called Bishop Roberts home to eternity. That same year, Mother Betty Jean Roberts assumed the pastorate of Calvary Christian Church having received the charge to continue the ministry from her late husband. Under the leadership of Pastor Betty J. Roberts, Calvary continued steadfastly, tending to the whole person. Pastor Emerita Betty J. Roberts is a woman of many, many talents, great depth of wisdom, a worshipper and teacher of the Gospel. After nine years of leadership, love and service to the congregation, Mother Roberts retired and remains honored as the Pastor Emerita and Apostolic Mother of Calvary Christian Church.


In February 2021, the Lord saw fit to entrust the continuation of His Church into the hands of Elder Kameron and Lady Jordan Adams. Pastor Kameron is a son of the ministry, having been born and raised at Calvary Christian Church. Though a native Charlottean, Pastor Kameron ventured to Kansas City, MO for seven years to grow and develop as a minister of the Gospel. In 2020, the Lord directed Pastor Kam and Lady Jordan Adams to return to Charlotte. It has been a strong conviction of Pastor Kam and Lady Jordan to continue the legacy of Bishop and Mother Roberts by building upon the strong foundation laid by these Kingdom giants for the future of the Queen City and beyond. 

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