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Pastor Kameron & Lady Jordan Adams


Pastor Kameron L. Adams of Charlotte, NC is often recognized as one of the beacons of hope for the next generation of communicators that will unashamedly proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ without compromise. Much of who Kameron is can be attributed to his unconditional love for God and God’s people. Saved at an early age, Pastor Kameron has committed his life to declaring the gospel of Jesus Christ in these last days. He has operated as a minister of the gospel for over twenty years and has been favored by God to operate in the ministry of evangelism. As an evangelist, Pastor Kameron has been blessed to travel for ministry throughout the United States, Canada and Israel.


Pastor Kameron attributes his spiritual growth and development first to his God-fearing parents, Ministers Kelvin and Annette Adams; his spiritual father, the late Bishop Edward C. Roberts and Pastor Emerita Betty J. Roberts; his former pastor, Bishop A. Glenn Brady; and an entrusted host of wise Bishops and pastors throughout North America. As a spiritual son of Calvary Christian Church of the Apostolic Faith, Inc. and the late Bishop Edward C. Roberts, Pastor Kameron cultivated a deep love of the Word of God and commitment to in-depth Biblical study. In 2014, Pastor Kameron felt the leading of the Lord to move to Kansas City, MO, where he was able to develop further under the leadership of Bishop A. Glenn Brady—whom Pastor Kam continues to honor as his pastor.

In addition to his call to preach the message of Jesus Christ, Kameron has also dedicated his life to achieving educational pursuits, which has placed him on the cutting edge of 21st century ministry. He lives by the statement often quoted by his former pastor, the Late Honorable Bishop Dr. Edward C. Roberts: “Christ and education make the best combination.” Kameron received a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Grand Canyon University with high honors.


Having committed his life unto God early, it is evident through the passionate preaching and teaching of Pastor Kameron Adams that his mission is to advance the Kingdom of God through the proclamation of the Gospel of Truth.


In February 2019, Pastor Kameron married the love of his life, Lady Jordan Adams of New Haven, CT.


Lady Jordan Adams has a deep love of community, equity and making ministry come alive through social application of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that was borne from her roots in ministry. Lady Jordan, affectionately called Lady J, has dedicated her life to ministry, beginning with her youth and early adulthood at her home church, Beulah Heights Church, in New Haven, CT under the leadership of Presiding Bishop Theodore L. Brooks, Sr. 


Lady Jordan’s love for the people of God from all walks of life has defined her life’s work both within the doors of the church and in the community. She is the Executive Director of the West Boulevard Neighborhood Coalition, a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to community development, economic development, and health equity. She also serves on City of Charlotte Equitable Development Commission. Lady Jordan endeavors to shine the light of Christ in each community space she enters to serve people from all backgrounds with the love of God.


Lady Jordan received her Bachelor of Arts from Columbia University in New York City; Master of Arts from Yale University School of Divinity in New Haven, CT; and Master of Public Administration from the University of Missouri-Kansas City in Kansas City, MO. She characterized herself as a life-long learner, social researcher and theologian. She is currently working on her first book on discipleship in partnership with Minister Lea Vincent, Licensed Professional Counselor.


In 2020, the Lord directed Pastor Kam and Lady Jordan Adams to return to Charlotte and in February 2021, the Lord saw fit to entrust the continuation of His Church into the hands of Elder Kameron and Lady Jordan Adams. Pastor Kameron is a son of the ministry, having been born and raised at Calvary Christian Church. It has been a strong conviction of Pastor Kam and Lady Jordan to continue the legacy of Bishop and Mother Roberts by building upon the strong foundation laid by these Kingdom giants for the future of the Queen City and beyond. 

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